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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hand wash liquid detergent-Car wash liquid-LIQUID SOAP/DETERGENT PRODUCTION


Stage 1

Production Method.

1. Formulations
(a) C.M.C. Solution 100 litres 10 litres
C.M.C. Powder 1-1 ½ kg 100 g(20 TSP)
Glycerine 2-3 kg 250g (50 TSP)
Water 9-5 litres 9.5 litres
Total 100 litres 10 litres

C.M.C. is carboxylmethylcelluose sold as Antisol, Baravis, Wallocell etc.
Mixing: Mix C.M.C. powder and glycerine in a small separate container. Place the water needed in another,(bigger) container. Add the C.M.C./Glycerin mixture into the water as it is stirred. Add gradually, while stirring. Continue stirring after addition of the cmc mixture till the solution thickens. Leave or keep for about two hours to fully dissolve. Finally mix again and store for use. If the cmc solution is to store for more than 5 days add ¼ kg of formalin to the quantity above (i.e 100 litres)

Stage 2

(b) Soda Solution
Caustic soda powder 1kg
Soda Ash Powder 1kg
Water 50kg (litres)
Total 52kg (or litres)

Mixing: Place the whole water in a plastic or stainless stell tank. Add the caustic soda and the soda ash into the water and mix till the whole salts are fully dissolved. This will be noticed by the solution turning clear from milky colour. The salts can also be mixed separately in 25 litres of water a piece. The two solutions are then mixed together.

Note: Allow to cool to room temperature before use

Stage 3

(a) Industrial Detergent
Soda solution 50 litres
Sulphonic Acid (good grade) 10 litres

Mixing: Place the soda solution in a plastic or stainless tank, add the sulphonic little at a time and turn, till all the sulphonic is added. Mixing should be slowly here as the product may foam heavily. This can be diluted and packed for use. Though it is very strong but light in viscosity.


(1) Caustic soda is very corrosive. Wear rubber or plastic hand gloves.
(2) Make this detergent in a tall tank, for instance do not charge more than 100 litres of this detergent into 240 litres capacity tank. The bigger the container, the more space available.
(3) Turning i.e stirring should be very slowly here. Vigorous turning will cause excessive foaming.
(4) If foaming is excessive, stop turning and allow to stand and turn when the foam has gone down, turn again and pack as desired.

(d) General purpose detergent

Industrial Detergent 60 litres
CMC Solution 40 litres
Colorants (e,g yellow) 1 tsp or QS
Perfume (e.g lemon) 3 TSP or QS
Total 100 litres
Note: tsp means teaspoonful, TSP means tablespoonful, Q.S means as required.
To get thicker detergent, use more CMC solution and less industrial detergent.
(e) Domestic liquid detergent
Industrial detergent 20 litres
C.M.C. Solution 40 litres
Colour (e.g green) 1
Perfume 4 TSP

(f) Hand wash liquid detergent

Industrial detergent 20 litres
Good sodium silicate (optional) 20 litres
Water 10 litres
Colour (e.g green) 1 stp
Perfume 4 TSP
TOTAL 50 litres

Mixing: for (d) and (e) the ingredients are measured into a mixing tank and mix well to blend. The product is tested for foaming and viscosity before it is packed. If foaming is low, increase industrial detergent by about 5 per cent (i.e 3-4 litres). To increase the viscosity adds more CMC Solution.
For (f), mix sodium silicate and water first, then add the industrial detergent and other materials and mix. In the absence of good sodium silicate use CMC Solution.
Note: if sodium silicate is not suitable, the final product will turn milky or very cloudy. Use liquid detergent grade of sodium silicate. Many other detergent can be formulated from industrial detergent. Obtain the users specification to guide you on what he wants.

Car wash liquid

Industrial Detergent - 20 litres
CMC Solution - 30 litres
Good Sodium Silicate - 10 litres
Colourant - 1 tsp
Perfume (Optional) - 3 TSP


Material Hair Other
Industrial Detergent 20 Litres 20 Litres
CMC Solution 28 litres 30 litres
Glycerine (Conditioner) 2 Litres -
Thymol, Menthol or Camphor 5 tsp -
Colourant 1 tsp 1 tsp
Perfume 4 TSP 4 TSP
TOTAL 50 Litres 50 LITRES

Processing: Mix just as in domestic detergent. If menthol or camphor is to be used, melt in a separate container before adding into the shampoo. Mix well to blend.

Quality parameter.

a. Should foam very well. 1 TSP in a 4 litre bucket should produce foam that should not collapse in 5 minutes.
b. It should clean very well in minute.
c. It must not be harsh on hand, articles or fabrics
d. It should soften or blend with oil on equal proportion.
e. The product should meet NAFDAC and SON Specifications.
f. A good liquid detergent soap will show a faint yellow (or light green when blue or red litmus paper is dipped into it (orange is fair)
If colour is deep Red or deep Blue, the detergent soap will be too harsh to the body.

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